Nitro Create 2023
While working for the brand team at Power Home Remodeling, I've focused on event theme creation. Starting with meeting with the speakers and organizers of the events the plan discuss their vision, we then spend months going back and forth with multiple directions and then eventually dig deep into one concept with the copy, physical and digital graphics, videos and motion graphics. 
This event is a code-a-thon style event for the tech department of Power where they fly all of their employees in twice a year to accomplish a specific goal. Our branding helps to make this event feel unique every year, and to give it the importance that they need the teams to understand and believe.

This theme was created around the idea that the coders are coming together in this place called the creator-verse. A theme that had been discussed for years, until this year when we brought it to life and created a 3D city full of life with billboards, and signs, and futuristic HUD graphics to make the First person view feel more exciting and give more visual interest.
All of the graphics stuck to this futuristic theme where they were meant to look like either futuristic screens or the Heads up display graphics in your space helmet.

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